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Angry Goldphish


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What - or who - are the Angry GoldPhish?
Why are the GoldPhish Angry?
Why was an entire community dedicated to Angry GoldPhish?
Can you be an Angry GoldPhish?

We're sure that, upon stumbling on this humble, Live Journal community, a few of these questions, if not more, have crossed your mind.

To be quite honest with you - we have absolutely no idea.

The Angry GoldPhish started off as a personal journal, then deathkitten realized she already had somewhere along the lines of ten of these - give or take - so it got turned into a community.

Angry GoldPhish was too good of a name to waste, really.

So what kind of community is Angry GoldPhish?
Well - that question is rather difficult to explain, seeing as it truly does not have any purpose at all. For organizational purposes, we can say that the Angry GoldPhish Community is for things like Games, Art, Computers, Tattoos, Dogs, Macs, Cats, Kids, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Angry ranting, Happy ranting, Porn, School, Unemployment, Boredom, Excitement, Anime, Photography, Cooking, Rating, Music, Picture Whores, Sports [both regular and "extreeme"], Attention Whores, Grammar Whores, Hentai - well - you get the picture.

This community is about everything and nothing.

The epitome of randomness.

The epitome of uselessness.

It's purposeless. It's random. It's - well - an Army of Angry GoldPhish.

Or Happy GoldPhish, if you're in the mood...

Wellllll... seeing as the Angry GoldPhish are relatively laid back -
The only real rules are you must be 18 to join. Just in case another Angry GoldPhish feels as if they should be posting naked phish pictures one day. That, plus hopefully you'll know how to spell. Not a requirement, but it'd be nice.
Another rule, you know - promoting the Angry GoldPhish would be nice.
Grab one of the banners and throw it in your LJ or something.